The Hitzinger NBAP Rotary Diesel UPS system replaces the kinetic storage module with a No-Break Asynchronous Pump (NBAP) and supplies a the rotating device (a water pump or cooling pump) with uninterruptable power in-case of mains power failure

Technical data

Power classes and Variants

  • The N-BAP Rotary Diesel UPS system can supply the pump load in-case of mains failure
  • Solutions are designed to suit the clients requirements

Power Distribution

  • Our team of professionals can help design the system to maximise of efficacy and reliability


  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C to +50 °C
  • Noise levels are designed to suit the application. Typical levels of 75dB @1m, with lower sounds levels of 50dB @1m achievable.

Technical highlights

  • The DRUPS systems are coupled to diesel engines with low-polluting emissions and optimised fuel economy.
  • The Rotary Diesel UPS systems are designed to have a prolonged life, with system monitoring across the entire unit providing warning systems to aide in fault finding.
  • To minimize of maintenance, the diesel UPS are supplied complete with automatic re-lubrication systems to maintain the lubrication of the bearings at a constant rate
  • Hitzinger can provide turn-key solutions, to include the complete infrastructure within a single package