HYDRO POWER V vertical alternators

The Hitzinger Hydro Power Alternators benefit from over 65 years of experience in manufacturing rotating equipment, which has lead to the development of the most compact, efficient and reliable solution for every application. Our philosophy for providing tailored turn-key products, means we can ensure optimum flexibility in the design and construction to meet your exact requirements.

Existing installations providing proven solutions, means that we can guarantee operational reliability, economy and environmental compatibility.

Technical highlights

  • Our Vertical
    synchronous Hydro Power Alternators alternators can provide up to 4,000kVA
  • Hitzinger Hydro Power Alternators alternators provide the Highest efficiency across the entire product range, with our Hydro alternators absolutely no exception
  • Multiple design options are available, with either Horizontal or Vertical Hydro Alternator solutions.
  • Tailored solutions are available to suit your exact requirements
  • Sustained short-circuit current capability
  • Mechanical strength for high over speed

For additional information and available options with design, please Contact Us so we can provide application specific information.