S POWER C stationary

Hitzinger can provide stationary 400Hz power systems, complete with an optional 400Hz motorised cable coil, that is fixed to the preferred location. The motor provides an easy to use solution, which will keep the 400Hz cable safe when not in operation. The Hitzinger cable coil can provide either 1no 90kVA cable or 2no 90kVA cables for the 180kVA requirement. The motor ensures that the cable can be easily retracted when not in use and comes complete with a control panel mounted near the 400Hz plug.

Technical data


  • S-Power 'C' Stationary refers to the 400Hz Cable Coil system, which is a fixed or stationary unit (Opposed to a bridge mounted unit)

Available Power classes

  • The 400Hz cable coil can be supplied with either 1no or 2no 30m 90kVA outputs, allowing anything up to 180kVA to be supplied. Power is supplied by a special 30m cable (3x70 mm²+3x16 mm²+3x4x1 mm²)

Technical data

  • Voltage to plane: 200/115 VAC and Output frequency: 400 Hz
  • Dimensions of Cable Coil is system is approx. 1450 L x 950 W x 1475 H. The Weight of 400Hz cable coil system is approx. 400kg for the 90kVA and 700kg for the dual output (180kVA)
  • The unwinding speed is 60m/min
  • During operation, cable coil requires just 0.55 kW


  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C to +52 °C
  • Relative humidity: up to 95 %
  • Noise level: <65 dB (A) @ 1 m

Technical highlights

  • Optimum serviceability
  • Designed to provide simplistic operation
  • Multiple 90kVA coils available for future expansion
  • Safely stores and protects cable against damage

Power cable/connector unit

  • Adapter with integral user interface
  • Cable coil comes complete with control panel located on the end of the cable with ON/OFF pushbutton and 4-character 7-segment display (I, P and EF status)
  • 2xLED status 400 Hz tap-off ON/OFF and 90% contact